Passion Sticker

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About MayCard

MayCard Passion Sticker is a smart sticker for adding video message to the things you sending. You can use MayCard Passion Sticker on every items. For example Gift, Postcard, Cards, Tags… It can transfer your video message that with your heart to the one.
Passion Sticker

Passion Sticker

Sender can stick the Passion Sticker on any gift boxes, packagings, cards & postcards.


Use Passion Sticker on your postcard, let your love see what you see!


Gift card with passions ticker would definitely make it more meaningful!
Gift Tag

Gift Tag

Gift tag can be easily hung on any gifts, such as bags, jewelry, watches & wine etc.
MayCard Passion Sticker

MayCard Passion Sticker

Transfer your video message with your heart
Capture My Moment<

Capture the moment

In Your Hand

Keep it in your heart

Treasure Your Love

Between you and me

Because It Matters

Because It Matters

Touching Moment


Beautiful Memories

Sweet Memory

How to Use

The application of Passion Sticker is very versatile since you can stick it onto anything! You can have a 30 seconds video kept on it for up to 10 years!
Passion Sticker Step 1

Step 1

Tear off the “Blue” sticker & scan it. Then record your video message.
Passion Sticker Step 2

Step 2

Stick the “Red” sticker on gift!
Passion Sticker Step 3

Step 3

Send the gift to your lover.
Passion Sticker Step 4

Step 4

Tear off the ”Red” sticker and scan it. Then view the video message by the sender. Feel the love!

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